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Blaser - D99

D 99, D 99 Duo, D 99 Trio
  • Drilling D 99: two shotgun barrels combined with one rifle barrel
  • Double Drilling D 99 Duo: two different or two identical rifle calibers combined with a shotgun barrel
  • Drilling Rifle D 99 Trio: three identical or three different rifle calibers
  • Double lock action: The second shot is immediately available without cocking again
  • Free floating barrels: no change in point of impact when shooting in succession, loads can be changed easily
  • Selector switch in upper position (red dot visible)
Front tigger: upper barrel
Rear trigger: left lower barrel
selector switch in lower position (red dot not visible)
Front trigger: right lower barrel
Rear trigger: left lower barrel
  • Barrel length 57.5 cm (22.6")
  • D 99, D 99 Duo and D 99 Trio: discreet arabesque engravings, wood grade 1
  • D 99, D 99 Duo and D 99 Trio Luxus: hand-engraved arabesques, wood grade 4

To view the Blaser D99 Catalog click on the PDF link below.